21CP Solutions

21CP is helping enhance public safety and community trust in major projects across the country.


From Baltimore and Cleveland to Grand Rapids and Sacramento, large cities and small departments alike are turning to 21CP to help them address their most significant policing issues, needs, and challenges.

21CP's experts in policing have lifetimes of experience in law enforcement, social science, civil rights, law, psychology, and organizational management.  They are helping communities across the country navigate the most significant and difficult policing challenges – assisting with identifying opportunities, providing specific roadmaps to progress, and actively helping to implement new approaches aimed at helping policing work better for everyone.




21CP is overseeing implementation of a federal consent decree involving the Baltimore Police Department (BPD). The Consent Decree requires the Baltimore City Police Department to adopt a number of specific reforms aimed at ensuring effective, safe, and constitutional policing.

The BPD Monitoring Team was appointed by Judge Bredar to oversee the implementation of the Consent Decree between DOJ, BPD, and the City. Numerous of 21CP's consultants serve as Judge Bredar’s agent, helping him gauge whether, consistent with the Consent Decree’s objectives, BPD is achieving meaningful reform by making tangible changes in its policies and practices. The Team also provides technical assistance to BPD as BPD seeks to implement the reforms required by the Consent Decree.

21CP's Chuck Ramsey is Principal Deputy Monitor.  Sean Smoot, Roberto Villasenor, Matthew Barge, Nola Joyce, Ellen Scrivner, Tracey Meares, and George Turner are all subject matter experts assisting in the implementation of critical reforms.



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The City of Bridgeport, Connecticut and its Chief of Police have engaged 21CP to assess and make recommendations on improvements to the police department, including issues relating to use of force and supervision.

21CP is working closely with the Police Department, City officials, and Bridgeport stakeholders to formulate pragmatic, forward-looking recommendations for improving the quality of police services.



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21CP conducted an independent assessment of the police response and services in a high-profile incident in Cincinnati involving the death of a 16-year-old named Kyle Plush.  Specifically, 21CP focused on the police department response – and identifying policies, practices, procedures, and technologies that may have contributed to deficiencies in that response.

21CP produced final report and made recommendations to the City.  21CP's Roberto Villasenor, Sean Smoot, and Matthew Barge served as experts on the project.




21CP is overseeing implementation of a federal consent decree involving the Cleveland Division of Police. That Consent Decree focuses on a host of critical issues, including use of force, supervision, investigations, search and seizure, bias-free policing, equipment and technology, recruitment and hiring, and staffing.

The Cleveland Police Monitoring Team was appointed by Judge Solomon Oliver, Jr. to oversee reform on his behalf.  The Team provides extensive technical assistance to the City of Cleveland and Division of Police -- helping to drive meaningful change in partnership with the community.

21CP's Matthew Barge is the Monitor. Chuck Ramsey is Principal Deputy Monitor. Sean Smoot, Tim Longo, and Ellen Scrivner are all subject matter experts assisting in the implementation of critical reforms.


Grand Rapids


In May 2017, the Grand Rapids City Commission approved the creation of a Police Policy and Procedure Review Task Force.  The role of the Task Force is to review the Police Department’s policies and procedures, identifying those that may result in racial bias. It will recommend changes to policies or procedures that result in disparate outcomes.

The goal was to ensure our police department upholds policies and procedures that:

  • Enable effective law enforcement

  • Respect the rights and dignity of all residents

  • Ensure equitable outcomes for everyone

  • Follow nationwide best practices

21CP served as consultants to the Task Force.  21CP's Ron Davis, Chuck Ramsey, Sean Smoot, and Roberto Villasenor provided in-depth technical assistance to the Task Force.




In the wake of a controversial officer-involved shooting, 21CP has assisted the California Department of Justice in reviewing the Sacramento Police Department's use of force policies, training, and practices. 21CP is working to assess the Department's current state, collect information about its practices, engage with community and officer stakeholders, and provide concrete guidance and recommendations on changes. This work resulted in a comprehensive report, released in January 2019, by the California Attorney General that made 40 specific recommendations for the Department.

21CP's Ron Davis, Kathleen O’Toole, Chuck Ramsey, Sean Smoot, Roberto Villasenor, Matthew Barge, and Nola Joyce have all contributed to the in-depth initiative.