21CP Solutions

21CP works with departments and communities to achieve real-world results.


How We Work

21CP assists communities and law enforcement agencies with implementing strategies for ensuring officer and public safety, constitutional policing, and an authentic partnership with the community. In that capacity, its members are leading policing initiatives across the country – from Baltimore and Cleveland to New Orleans and Seattle.  21CP Solution’s trusted leaders and experts work on the ground in police departments across the country – leading large departments and assisting smaller agencies.

Generally, 21CP uses a three-step method (a "AAA" approach) to driving meaningful change:


Every community is unique, and every police agency faces specific opportunities and challenges.  Our teams approach every project by conducting an in-depth assessment of the issues facing agencies and the communities of which they are a part – focusing on in-depth, practical solutions.


Strategic direction needs to be based on what has worked in other places and on the best available thinking.  Our teams provide pragmatic, real-world recommendations based on comprehensive assessments, emerging best practices from the field, and tested policies and programs.


Our teams do not simply provide a report with a set of recommendations and leave it up to a department or city to implement by themselves.  Instead, we provide technical assistance, dedicated experts, on-the-ground resources, and a detailed project implementation plan – to transform recommendations into reality.  We partner and collaborate until the job is done.